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woman doing clay handicraft in Amatenango del Valle in Chiapas Mexico

Many visitors, like yourself, are looking for a uniquely authentic experience. Something that immerses you in the southern Mexican culture. We know it´s hard to find the right information. Guide books were written years ago, websites that already exist take so much time to upgrade their information, and people who answer your questions on forums just tell you what they think Mexico is.

We want to narrow the gap between our real life and what you see when you visit Mexico we want to show you all the options you have so it is your choice to do what every tourist do or to have a real taste of Mexico.

We are developing our website, please let us know if you need to know something about San Cristobal de las Casas and e mail us at info@aboutsancristobal.com 

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Last update February 5th 2018

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